The 2016 Container

List of needs

 We are frequently asked lots of questions about the type of items we need for the container and we have already begun collecting items from people and organisations, near and far, ready for our 2016 container. Our storage facility is beginning to look healthy! Here is a list of those items which will be very welcome. HHI 2016 Container list; Wheelchairs, simmer frames, crutches and walkers Hospital furniture, portable screens, cord clamps, suction machines, digital scales for clinics, waterproof mattress covers, nappies, incontinence pads, sterile bandages and dressings still in packaging, painkillers and paracetamol (with long life date) reading glasses (not prescription glasses) large blankets, knitted school jerseys V neck or pullovers, (navy, grey,) soap, toothpaste & tooth brushes, sturdy child’s pushchair for use with disabled children, walking sticks, and white canes.