Heart surgery and medicines

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Heart patients

Making a contribution to Mohammed’s heart operation

Heart problems are common in India. Indians are genetically predisposed to heart disease, and this is becoming worse as they adopt more westernised diets.  Typically a major heart operation will cost about £2,000.  Tom or Philip helps these people to apply for grants and subsidies, but if this is not enough then he will ask us if we can help them.  We are often able to provide a contribution which makes up the difference between what they need and what they can raise themselves.  

Agash showing the scar from his heart operation, paid for by HHI

Fortunately, not everyone with a heart complaint needs an operation.  Many heart problems can be treated with medication.  But such medicines are expensive, and certainly outside the reach of a poor Indian who may well be unable to work anyway because if their heart problem.  We support a number of such people, meeting part or all of the cost of their medicines.