Immunosupressant drugs for kidney transplant patients

Life saving medication for those who cannot afford it

Kidney transplant patients

Lehla, a kidney transplant patient supported by HHI 

In India, kidneys are usually transplanted from living donors who must usually be family members.  Often the donor is a spouse, which means that the match may not be good, and as a result large doses of immunosuppressant drugs are necessary to prevent the patient from rejecting the new kidney.  Such drugs are very expensive, and beyond the reach of many patients who have already had to pay for the transplant operation.  As a result, at best they face very difficult choices, and at worst they cannot afford the drugs and die.  

A number of kidney patients shortly after their transplant operations

HHI helps nearly twenty of the poorest of these people by providing some of the medicines that they need – usually ten days’ medication a month, but sometimes more, depending on the level of need.  We also help a number of patients who are awaiting a transplant with the cost of dialysis, making 24 people in total that we are helping in this life-saving way - and the number is increasing.  From April we are slightly increasing the level of support that we provide, so the cost of this will be about £400 a month.   It is only through the generosity of our supporters that we are able to continue doing this.

Babu, one of our first kidney transplant patients.