Shanti Bhavan

A home for destitute men and women

Shanti Bhavan

One of the residents of Shanti Bhavan

Shanti Bhavan, which means “House of peace”, is a home for destitute men and women who are found living on the streets.  It is run by a lovely Catholic couple, Rani and Johnny, who have given their lives to helping these unfortunate people.  Most of them have psychiatric problems, and so have no way of supporting themselves.  Rani and Johnny look after them, and feed them well.

Rani and Johnny

The main building used to be very dark and dismal, but a supporter of HHI had a “significant” birthday, and asked that people should give contributions to HHI instead of presents.  We used some of that money to put a new roof on the building and create a few windows.  The result has been that the building has been transformed.

Shanti Bhavan – transformed by a new roof and windows

One of the nice features of the home is that each of the residents has their own task, which they do willingly.  One looks after the gate; another draws the water; some help in the kitchen; and so on.  This not only gets the jobs done, but it gives them a dignity and a sense of purpose, which is very therapeutic.

Some of the residents

The home receives gifts of used food from weddings and other functions, as well as some support from prayer groups, but nothing regular apart from what HHI provides.  HHI sends out money which enables them to buy a 70kg bag of rice most months, which is a much appreciated contribution to the running costs.  If they get enough rice from other sources, then the residents get eggs, fish or meat in their curry more often than they would otherwise.