Going with the Grain

HHI helps a community create income by grinding maize

Chipembele - still working after 5 years

About five years ago HHI provided a life line to the Chipembele community. They were is dire straits - no means of income, poor harvests and really no prospect of a better future. Strathaven Scouts built the hammer mill building and HHI installed the hammer mill. The model is simple - the community own the resource and grind maize for people who live in the area, charging for the service. From the income the community can buy fertiliaer and maize seeds each yea and grow enought for the whole community. In addition the families can buy livestock. When we visited recently we discovered that the community had been and still are successful. People told us about the number of pigs, goats or chickens they have and the spirit of community was evident; stories of families giving their new born livestock to their neighbours.