Mumba School

From a brick 'shed' to a wonderful school

Mumba School - new building

Mumba community is so named because its situation is marked by a Mumba tree.  It is within walking distance of the HHI headquarters.  Just two years ago it was struggling to teach over 70 vulnerable children and orphans in a very basic windowless building with a dirt floor and without furniture, books or  blackboard. The teaching team consists of four unpaid volunteers from the community.  HHI has helped the community build a school by providing funding and lots of school equipment has gone out in succesive containers.  Lliswerry Comprehensive School in Newport, South Wales has raised funds to support this project.  In two years the community has provided the labour and brick moulding and the building is now complete.

HHI has also provided new toilets and hand washing stations. At a recent visit we witnessed children enjoyig their classes and it was a joy to see them sitting at desks, in a bright and spacious classroom. There are a few things left to do - a perimeter wall will make the site more secure and we can then install the solar lighting; inside rendering of the storeroom and making another storeroom into a strongroom to store exam papers.Thanks to all the individuals and organisations that helped us make this project a great success.