Two Trustees go to Zambia

Monitoring visit to Zambia September 2018


After a long journey including a difficult bus ride, we arrived at Monze at 20.00 Friday evening. Very tired and hungry, the only things we were interested in was food and rest. With dinner out of the way there was nothing between us and bed. Except, as expected we had a few visitors coming to welcome us.

This was an opportunity to start work straight away - asking questions and forming in our minds at least, where we might be visiting over the next two weeks. The purposes for the visits we make to both India and Zambia is to observe and ask questions; to monitor the projects, meet some of the people we have helped and look for new opportunities. We can only do this because of our supporters and their generosity - you have provided the money to build a school for disadvantaged children, provide equipment to the hospital, uplift a school for deaf and disabled, provide medical support for diabetics and lots more. Then it was sleep time, safely tucked in under a mosquito net it was zzzzzz.

The weekend is normally quiet when we visit Monze. People are at home with families and many go to church on Saturday for some and Sunday for others. We were invited to go to Pastor Fundi’s church on Sunday morning. Before then we had a string of visitors throughout Saturday and in this time we started our enquiries, our business.  Over the coming days we will look at the much needed but less exciting areas such as accounts, procedures and record keeping; then to the best part for me - visiting people, seeing how projects are going and offering advice and support. On Sunday we went to church, met the congregation of more children than adults, followed by lunch.

Monze Zambia Brethren church HHI volunteer UK charity no overheads

We walked back to our resting place in blistering heat and prepared ourselves for some important discussions we needed to have on Monday. The ‘quiet’ weekend was over. We had sampled local cuisine, met three Zambian Trustees and many of the people we will be working with. Mosquitoes 0 Humans 1. Will the bite free days continue?