Can I help?

Please Note that we are no longer taking any items for the container for the foreseeable future.

We no longer have storage facilities to collect and sort items while awaiting transport to Zambia.

There are many ways you can help HHI to make a difference for those in great need - from individuals to communities; from remote clinincs to hospitals; from costs of prescriptions to major heart surgery; from school excercise books to schools. Our work is wide and varied with the common goal - to help vulnerable people receive the help they need to help themselves.

The most obvious way you can help is to make a donation or set up a standing order to give regularly - in addition we are more than happy to claim money from the taxman thorough gift aid.

Another way for you to raise funds is to buy online purchases using easyfundraising. HHI benefits everytime you conduct your online purchases via There are no additional costs for using this service and there over 3000 participating sites covering a wide range, from food and insurance to holidays. Already HHI is well on the way to £800 donations  with only 47 supporters using easyfundraising so far. Get clicking and raise funds for HHI!

Are you an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, a speech therapist or something similar? 

Or are you training to be one? 

Would you like to put your skills to good use in India?  

We support two special needs schools - one in Kerala and the other in Tamil Nadu. We also support a home for destitute women with serious psychological problems.  In the past, student occupational therapists have gone out to our centre in Tamil Nadu, and have had a great time, helping the children as well as communicating best practice to the staff.  And they have even learned some tricks from Indian traditional medicine (ayurveda)! 

You would need to provide your own ticket to Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) airport, but once you have arrived our partners in India can meet you at the airport and take you to one of the centres.  We can provide accomodation - it's pretty basic, but that's part of the adventure!  Living in India is cheap.  Contact our office for more information.

Winter Weather Woes!

February/ March 2018
This past week we have been bombarded with news items about the weather.  Schools and shops have been closed and those shops which remained open have run low on essentials like bread and milk.  Some of us have been without power or water for a short time and we have been urged to take care when travelling.  Non essential surgery has been postponed and we have been encouraged not to attend A&E unless absolutely necessary.  Yes, for a brief spell, we have been inconvenienced!
But, what about our friends in Zambia?  Isn’t this what life is like most of the time for them?  A child can attend school but only if the family has enough money.  Food is usually scarce and clean water and power are luxuries.  For many, the remoteness of their homes and lack of transport means that they cannot access vital necessary medical help, especially in an emergency. 
Or in India, where help is available - but at a price that is out of reach for the millions condemned to live in poverty, in a political and religious climate that says that it is your destiny, your own fault even.  The injustice of it all is all too apparent, yet there is little will to make the progress that is needed.  So people suffer and die needlessly.
Storm Emma and the Beast from the East have afforded the opportunity for a moment of reflection about the reality of life for so many people! 
So, if you are thinking, ‘How can I help?’ then …

You can help in other ways by:

  • setting up a standing order or sending us a donation.  If you can gift aid it then it is worth 25% more to us at no extra cost to you
  • sending us your used ink-jet and toner cartridges for which we obtain varying prices (No Epson or Laser please)
  • sending us your old mobile phone for which we obtain up to £20.
  • signing up with easyfundraising, nominating HHI as your chosen charity, and using the easyfundraising website to go shopping on the internet.  The retailer will give us a donation every time you buy something
  • remembering us in your will
  • purchasing ethnic craft items from us
  • joining the 'Tear Drop' Club and saving a regular amount in the supplied, attractive savings box
  • joining the 'Mobile Clinic' supporters and saving a regular amount in the supplied, attractive savings box
  • donating items that we can sell or use as gifts in a tombola - an ideal way to recycle unwanted Christmas or birthday gifts, or help declutter your home

Details of all these schemes and further information can be provided on request.