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Happy Valley has a new home

Happy Valley is our second special needs centre in India, meeting the needs of 40 to 50 children and young people with a variety of disabilities - physical, mental or even both.  For the last five years it has been based at Kalathara, a small Indian village near Nedumangad, Kerala.  But the lease expired and the owner wanted the house back.  Other house owners were unwilling to allow their homes to be used for the centre for various reasons.  It looked like Happy Valley would be homeless.

But the director and long time partner, Philip Mathew, is nothing if not resourceful.  At the last minute he found someone - a priest with the CSI (Church of South India) with a house that he was prepared to provide.  The only drawback was that he required a large deposit - about £9,000.  Happy Valley had £3,000 in hand from the deposit on the previous building, but where was the other £6,000 going to come from?  Answer - from an incredibly generous supporter in Australia who sent us the money, along with the costs of fees and moving.  Contracts have been signed, the money has been paid, and the centre will be moving in shortly.

The house is in the same area, close to the Aruvikka dam.  And, even better, there is no rent to pay!

Indian cyclone

You may have heard or read about the cyclone that struck India recently.  Although the reports centred on Gujarat, Kerala was also hit very badly.  Pastor Wilson has sent us photographs of a number of houses that were seriously damaged.  He writes:

"Please don't afraid with this letter with photos.

"Last three days was in our Kerala and also in our area was big rain and Big Wind.In that time many houses like hut and small houses are destroyed. Break down their house wall  house roof  or every thing lost some houses. Today morning many people visit our office and cry and request  some maintenance help for each houses.

"So, In this situation we visit their places and take some photos of my mobile and now I am sending to you.

"If it is possible please discus this emergency situation to your committee.

"They not need full amount . But only some maintenance help.

"Please don’t afraid with this request .  Just I send to you only. Or please forward this message to your all committee members.

"This Covid situation also very difficult to continue their daily expense life.I am walking on the road . So my eyes seeing something from village life.

"Please pray for them also.  May God bless you all."

All this comes on top of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are discussing what we can do to help.

Alpha, Omega and Mirriam Mwiinga - update

In a recent post we told you about Mrs Mwiinga, who was unable to produce enough milk to feed her triplets Alpha, Omega and Mirriam, two of whom were born with disabilities, and who needed milk powder to supplement what mum could provide.

Thanks to your generosity we were able to send out 1,000 Kwacha - about £33 - so as to provide her with milk for the next month or so.

So Alpha, Omega and Mirriam have the best possible future ahead of them, thatks to you, our faithful supporters.

For those who shop using a smart phone or tablet

Do you want to help make a difference while you shop in the Amazon app, at no extra cost to you? Simply follow the instructions below to select Health Help International as your charity and activate AmazonSmile in the app. Amazon will donate a portion of your eligible mobile app purchases to us.

How it works:
1. Open the Amazon app on your phone
2. Select the main menu (=) & tap on "AmazonSmile" within Programmes & Features
3. Select Health Help International as your charity
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate AmazonSmile in the mobile app

India's Covid epidemic

The horrendous situation in India resulting from the Covid crisis has been filling our televisions and news reports.  Kerala, where we do much of our work, has been particularly badly hit and is going into yet another lockdown.

Here at HHI we have a number of contacts in India.  Whilst we are not in a position to send out tanks of oxygen or oxygen concentrators, we are doing what we can.  One of the results of lockdowns is that many people have lost their jobs and are going hungry.  For some we have supplied goats or chickens; others need something more immediate and for these we are supplying food parcels.

Each food parcel costs just £6.  Can you help with one (or more) so that a family has food on their table in their hour of need?

Feeding Project Update

Following the article ‘Feeding starving children in Zambia’ we have received this update from Carole Nzila on behalf of the HHZ trustees.

‘The April 2021 distribution has gone on smoothly with our target number of 100 disabled children. As shown on our record sheet, we have already distributed to 80 children while others are yet to come. They were all called to come and collect the food but some have still not yet showed up. But by the end of the month, we will complete giving all the 100 children. We have attached sampled pictures of the April distribution.’


Special request

This request needs no introduction.Read on...

Triplets - Alpha, Omega and Mirriam Mwiinga

‘During our food distribution program, we came across one mother who gave birth to triplets, two boys and one girl. Unfortunately because of the way the babies were seated in the womb during pregnancy, two of them developed some deformity. The mother did not take any measures to find out what the problem is with the babies and so we advised her to take them to the hospital for assessment. They are 3 months old but look like they were born a month ago. Their hands and legs are folded all the time and do not stretch. We gave her the food package but her request is for artificial milk because she is failing to produce enough milk to breast feed them all.


We believe that saying ‘Thank You’ to our supporters is an essential part of our work.  Occasionally though, we are asked not to acknowledge donations and this was the case with a letter we received recently which accompanied a very generous gift. Indeed, the letter gave a massive thank you to HHI.  And so we thought we would share it with you.

‘I have just received your April ’21 newsletter.  What wonderful work is being done for comparatively little money. 

I enclose a donation to be used where most needed.  There is NO NEED to acknowledge it.

I will keep praying for the people mentioned.  By the way, I have no email and am not online so regretfully cannot share in a Zoom meeting but it seems a very good idea for all who can access it. May God continue to bless you all.’

And then, just today, we received this communication from Zambia.

‘Mrs J Williams the flagging off for the helps food we gave the people in line with covid-19 it has gone so wide it’s still appearing on the TV in Zambia.

These are wonders of God that enter in your hearts as HHI UK Trustees that makes people benefit here in Zambia at large. Please God bless you and add you more years to your life.’

We just hope that our letters to you convey the same sincere sentiments that are expressed here.  We pray that the joy of giving and the joy of receiving will continue to enable our mission to help those we seek to serve in India and Zambia.

Feeding starving children in Zambia


This report was received just last week detailing the recent launch of the exciting FOOD DISTRIBUTION PROJECT at HHZ, Monze. Usually we write an article into which we insert important quotes but we have decided that this report should be shared in its entirety as it captures the essence of and the enthusiasm for the whole project and also indicates what the next steps should be. In particular, we sensed the thrill and joy of its success and the heartfelt gratitude expressed at the end.  All we have done is to insert a few comments in italics.

Read and enjoy...


We acknowledge receipt of funds amounting to K202, 500.00 [£6,700] in the February 2021 allocation. The Finance/Projects Committee headed by Pastor Fundi immediately met to start planning for the project.

THE PREPARATION – all bases were covered!

Activities Done:

We decided to buy the Beans in Lusaka for the entire 10 months. This was because locally here in Monze beans have become expensive. We took advantage of Robby’s trip to Lusaka to purchase wheelchair repair materials to also travel there. Beans are very heavy and since we bought them all at once, we had to use a truck from Lusaka. We got in touch with one of the businessmen who lives in Monze and who takes some items to Lusaka with a truck. They usually come back empty. This was how we managed to transport our beans from Lusaka at a fair price. Instead of buying the beans in small quantities we decided to buy 90kg bags with each bag giving us the exact amount of gallons that we would have bought had we bought the beans locally.

While in Lusaka, we also bought empty 5kg bags which we used to repackage the beans into agreed amounts of 1 gallon.