Alternative catalogue

Some people have been asking about our alternative catalogue.  We sent out a copy in our latest Tidings - if you want another copy please see this link here.  It's an ideal way of giving a gift for Christmas, birthday, and anniversary or any other special event without succumbing to the commercialisation of Christmas and other special events.  As an added bonus, we will send you cards to give to the person whose anniversary or Christmas you are celebrating, which say how your gift will be used.  And you can always use it to simply make a donation - you can specify how your gift will be used so as to help some of the world's most needy people.

It isn’t only at Christmas that our Alternative Gifts are available.  Prices in our catalogue, which is available on our website, range from £5 to £700. It is possible to purchase a gift at any time for as little as £5, which will buy a mat, blanket and pillow for a destitute patient in India or provide stationery or school support for a child in Zambia.  Also, for a cool £700 it is possible to meet the running costs of Asha Kiran Ashran, the special needs school we support in Southern India, for a month.

Over the years, many satisfied customers return to shop with us knowing that every penny is spent on providing support and comfort to those in very real need.  Thank you.

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