Another family lifted out of poverty by HHI

Pastor Wilson has dedicated his life to helping the poorest people living in his area of India - a beautiful part of the country by the Neyyar Dam.  Recently he asked us for help for a poverty stricken family.  Initially he asked for a cow for them, which would cost Rs. 48,000 - about £600.  However, the family then realised that, as their house had no water available, looking after the cow would be a lot of work.  But the wife is able to sew, and so they opted for a sewing machine instead.  The best sort for India is the treadle variety - this doesn't rely on electricity that is either not available or is unreliable, and leaves the hands free to guide the cloth, as well as giving the operator a bit of exercise as well.  And, from our point of view, it was a lot cheaper - just Rs. 8,000 (£100).  We are assured that it is getting good use!  The gift of a machine like this enables a whole family, and often the extended family, to lift themselves out of poverty.


(This is an update of our news item dated 8 September)