Container Arrival: News Travels Fast

After hearing that the container had arrived, Bertha travelled to the HHZ compound from far away. She wanted new machine saying that her old one was not working. It was checked and pronounced fit and well so Bertha did not need a new one.  Alistair, our HHZ seamstress and sewing teacher, oiled the machine and gave advice to Bertha about how to maintain it.  It has been decided that Alistair, a talented lady and a real asset at HHZ, can now service many machines in this way.
Alistair was also able to alter four Security guard uniforms which had been sent out on the container. The shirts were taken in as they were a little wide.  As there were only two pairs of trousers on the container, Alistair has made a pattern from them and will make another two pairs once the fabric has been bought in Lusaka.  We hope to show you pictures of Elliot, Christopher, Fidelis and Tawanda very soon.