Covid-19 update - some good news!



In a recent post we told of Pastor Wilson's wish to feed some of the starving people in his area who have been thrown out of work by the lockdown in India, which is much worse than ours and there is no social security or employment law safety net.  Well, no sooner had we mentioned it when you, our wonderful supporters, reached for your cheque books, both here in Newport and in Strathaven, and within days we had a sizeable amount of money which we sent to Wilson. 

He was delighted, and writes:

Praise The Lord!
Very respected our Donors, Bro. Edmond ,Bro Iain ,Mrs.Kathe,
Warm greetings from BGM. Thank you very very much for your support for Covid 19 people. We distributed rice with vegetables to the very hungry people with your all donations.
It was a pleasure and happy to the people..They are convey lot of thanks and  happy to our donors.
Thanks you very much . After some people receive things they cry with their happy.
They are very very happy. 
God bless you all. Remember in prayers.

So thank you everyone for what you have done to help these poor people.