Hachaanga Visit


Adam drove Jute and trustee Mr Mungalia to the small community of Hachanga.  Of the 37 people who live there, 7 are disabled. There they met Alfred Moonga the local chairperson and his wife both of whom are disabled.  They requested help to fund the building of a new tower and water tank so that they can grow vegetables and raise funds. The tank they have at the moment becomes too heavy when it is full of water and the pipes do not function. Although they have a bore hole and solar driven submissive pump it has been decided to get an estimate for cost of replacing the water tower and tank.  Interestingly, although baskets, which sell for 3 kwacha (£3), are made by community members there is no attempt to take them to sell in Monze or even along the roadside on the way to Monze.  

It is always difficult to visit a community which lives in abject poverty but because of the resources given to HHI, a note was made of how Hachaanga could benefit from the container items.  On the next visit the Hilux will be laden with crutches, soap, stationery and other good things... thanks, again, to you.