From Hachanga to Abergavenny

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Wales Fair Trade Fair 2017

The most recent addition to our craft store is the collection of hand woven baskets from Hachanga, Zambia. (See article 26. 08 2017).  At the Wales Fair Trade Fair in Abergavenny, on Sunday 8th October 2017, many people commented on the intricate designs woven into the baskets and were interested in the Hachanga story.  Of course, we took the opportunity to explain what life is like in Hachanga and also that the water tank desperately needs to be replaced.

Of course the needs in Hachanga weren’t the only things we could chat about.  We were able to tell people about the work of the Banyan Tree in India, and in particular that the cards and leaf paintings had been produced by mothers desperate to support their families.  Having ‘been and seen’, we were able to add detail to the queries about the range of Indian and Zambian crafts on display and also the people and places which benefit from the efforts of everyone who supports HHI.