Happy new year!

As we come to the end of another year, we at HHI would like to say a heart-felt “thank you” to you all on behalf of our partners in India and Zambia and all the people that you have helped through them.

At the start of the pandemic, the experts predicted that charities would see their income drop substantially – by a quarter or even a third.  You have proved the experts wrong.  In 2000 you gave us more than in 1999, and in 2021 you gave us even more.  Indeed, in 2021 our income was the highest since 2011.

And it has been a year of great need.  Lockdowns, Covid-related deaths, job losses and climate change have added to the usual litany of personal and societal needs.  Your generosity has enabled us to help in unprecedented ways.  We have been able to expand our work: last year we sent more money to Zambia and India than any year since 2012 (when we were using the money given in 2011).

At times we wondered how we would cope.  At one point earlier this year we realised that our money had run out, and we wondered what we should do.  The next day we had a telephone call: a significant bequest was on its way.  God has been faithful.  You have been faithful.

May God bless you all in 2022.