Indian cyclone

You may have heard or read about the cyclone that struck India recently.  Although the reports centred on Gujarat, Kerala was also hit very badly.  Pastor Wilson has sent us photographs of a number of houses that were seriously damaged.  He writes:

"Please don't afraid with this letter with photos.

"Last three days was in our Kerala and also in our area was big rain and Big Wind.In that time many houses like hut and small houses are destroyed. Break down their house wall  house roof  or every thing lost some houses. Today morning many people visit our office and cry and request  some maintenance help for each houses.

"So, In this situation we visit their places and take some photos of my mobile and now I am sending to you.

"If it is possible please discus this emergency situation to your committee.

"They not need full amount . But only some maintenance help.

"Please don’t afraid with this request .  Just I send to you only. Or please forward this message to your all committee members.

"This Covid situation also very difficult to continue their daily expense life.I am walking on the road . So my eyes seeing something from village life.

"Please pray for them also.  May God bless you all."

All this comes on top of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are discussing what we can do to help.