It’s the first!

Wheelchair, disabled girl, cerebral meningitis, Zambia, medical charity help, Monze

The first wheelchair from 2017 container has been given to Prisca Muchangwe (see below).  She is 12 years old has been disabled since birth. She arrived at the HHZ compound with her mother, having travelled  all the way from Njola Manza which is about one hour's journey by bus. 

When we saw her wheelchair we didn’t have to think about it; its condition spoke for itself. And, Prisca was even given a comfortable wheelchair cushion too, and a strap to keep her secure as she is wheeled on the uneven ground.  

Of course, the old wheelchair has not been discarded. It has been left at HHZ for Robbie to use for spares.  Happy Prisca … and happy Robbie!