Kerala floods - updated

You may have seen or heard on the news about the horrendous floods in Kerala, the part of India that HHI works in.  Sadly, many people have lost their lives.

The good news is that all our people are safe.  We have been in contact with Tom: the area that he works in has been less hard hit than many others.  Philip's family live further north, and his sister has been evacuated from her home.  The family home sits at the top of a slope, with a river in a deep ravine about a hunderd yards down the slope.  Currently the water is now filling the ravine and indeed is lapping at the house, but the family have moved upstairs and are safe.  At Indinjar, the stream has turned into a torrent, but the CDSA centre there is safe, as are all the staff.  The tuition centre is closed for the time being, and some of the staff are helping at an evacuation centre in the local school.

The Indian and state governments seem to be responding well to the situation.  They have far more resources than we do, so for the time being we will leave them to sort it all out.  The community is also pulling together to help.  But longer term we are sure that there will be needs that we can meet - we will keep you informed when that happens.


Philip has visited, and has been helping clean up his family's homes and also other people's.  There are some smaller villages that have not received Government help; Philip would like to take one of the Special Therapy Centre's mini-vans up to the area, loaded with aid for these villages.   If you would like to contribute to the cost of this, please contact us.