The latest from Thanal House

The Indian government is starting to get on top of the Covid pandemic.  Recently a team came to Thanal House to test everyone.  The good news is that everyone proved negative.  That is a great relief - with so many people living closely together it would be very difficult to control any transmission.

Then last week they came to vaccinate everyone.  They vaccinated most of the ladies, apart from four who had skin issues.  So Salini has to take them to a dermatologist who will assess them and, we hope, clear them for the vaccine.

Another bit of excitement centred around one of the residents, Rani, who fell and broke some of the bones in her hand.  It was a serious fracture which needed pinning as well as a plaster cast.  Salini stayed with her so as to act as her bystander.  We tell the story in our latest Tidings which is being printed at the moment.

The good news is that the operation has been done and has been successful.  Rani is now recuperating.