A Lick of Paint in Naanga

Zambia, western province, Monze, HHI, UK charity, unpaid volunteer run

Jonah Sialumano, HHZ Disabilities Coordinator, has sent us an update of the painting in progress in Naanga Special School…

The painter, Gibson, was taken to Nanga to paint and, along with his helper, to camp there in order to speed up the work. However, since the dormitories are being painted for the first time, more tins of paint may be needed so that there is a first, second and third coat to avoid some spots to be seen. The painting has been done in accordance with the choice of the Buildings officer’s colour. The observation is, as I saw it when I was in Nanga, that the visually impaired children as they move on their own need to touch the walls as they master their way.  Inside the dormitories, they also touch the walls as they move around for example when going to the bathing room or when going to their friends. For this reason, white colour will not be suitable for a long time. Therefore, there is need to replace in with grey colour which does not reflect dirt even when it is touched.  Gibson, who is still on the site, will advise us as to how much grey paint may be required to continue the painting. By Sunday, the painter may be through with all the works because more work has been done. You can see the pictures which show white colour paint in the hostels.