Looking ahead…

Zambia disabled children UK charity volunteer low overheads special school Newport Gwent Wales

In response to the coronovirus situation the Zambian Government has, like most governments, decided to close all schools throughout the country for the foreseeable future.

And once this unprecedented period of uncertainty and anxiety has passed, everyone, in particular the children and teachers who reside during term time at the remote Naanga Special Needs School, will be more than happy for life to return to normal.  

The children have already witnessed the building of the dining / multipurpose room (see Gallery) but a surprise awaits them.  They have yet to see the splendid new furniture inside made by our HHZ carpenter, builder, handyman and all-rounder - Robbie.  A very thoughtful and generous supporter funded the purchase of the materials to make the tables and chairs and also Robbie’s wages, and, as can be seen in the photo, the room is ready for use! 


Prayers please                              

The coronovirus pandemic has seen school closures worldwide and Zambia is no exception.  We are reminded that this initiative is not for a ‘national holiday’ but to ensure that we stay alive and well at this critical time.  

However, for many children school is an absolute lifeline, not only in terms of preparing them for the future but, as in the case of Muumba recently, a means of accessing food during prolonged periods of hunger. 

In the meantime, we ask that you pray for all those affected by the current situation and especially for the safe return of all children to their respective schools.