More news from the Neyyar Dam

We have had another email from Pastor Wilson.  He writes:

Respected Bro. Edmund Sir,
Praise the Lord!
I write down some very urgent needs to some patients. Please read and take a favourable action if possible..
God bless you all. Remember in prayers.

 1.Pastor Mohan .His village name is kandamthitta. 50 Years old. He is a heart patient. Three time faced in heart attack. But not died. He is living now.  But  many time he faced blood clotting problem. Once in a month he needs 7000 rupees (£77) for the injection. From  2020 March, April May  not take that injection because lack of money. If somebody will help then pastor will live some more years and doing Gospel work. Please pray and help him.

2.Mr. Raju. He is a believer his living place is  Koliyakode. He was autorikshaw driver. He is now affected by a kidney problem. He needs dialysis. He take some dialysis. After no money he is in the home. Not take now the least he need per month for treatment a 7000 Rupees (£77). If somebody will help he will live some more years.

3.Mr. Radhakrishanan 56 years old. He was fall down when he doing coolie work.  Then his right leg is broken. Now put it steel inside. Not possible to work or anything. His family is poverty and need treatment. At least he need per month a 4000 Rupees (£44).  If somebody will help he will make happy.

4. Sister Gigi Mol. 40 years old. She is she is a pastor's wife.  Last month was held one operation to remove her uterus.  Now she take rest and further treatment. But now not possible to open the church.So no income from anywhere. Pastor is going very critical time. No food, not possible to buying medicine.Please pray and help them.

We don't the funds to help these at the moment - can anyone help?