Muumba School

Muumba School

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Muumba School is flourishing!

There are 239 children in the school, 126 girls and 113 boys. Clubs in the school include chess, art, poetry and child to child.  Mr Bbilika was very pleased to receive £100 from the Mother and Toddler group at Hope and Market Church, Merthyr Tydfil. He will use it for the preschool group.


Mr Bbilika really appreciates the funding for food.

School would have had to close without it because of hunger. No government funding is received to help feed children. The children have cabbages, soya pieces, nshima and tomatoes.

Children bring their own plates to school and the parents cook food voluntarily. They needed 4 large saucepans which we purchased for K 400 (£25). The children need to pump the water in their break time to water the cabbages.


Mr Bbilika is having a septic tank built so that the pit latrines can be converted to flushing toilets. The pit latrines cannot cope with the number of children now in the school.

Pipes, a 5,000 litre tank and possibly a solar pump will be needed and Mr Bbilika will provide a full estimate.

The Classes

The reception class was lovely, and the children sang a Tonga song. The Grade 6 class was learning about swimming and swimmimg pool maintenance including chlorination.  

And the future?

Funding is a problem. The government has said that there is no need for children in grades 1-7 to pay fees, which means that other than teachers’ salary the school gets no funding from the Department of Education.

Mr Bbilika is seeking funding to employ a volunteer teacher who is waiting to be deployed to the school. 

However, an a positive note, the vegetables are growing well and in the future the school intends to sell them to Monze Mission Hospital.

We’ll keep you posted!