Zambia charity bereaved widowed poor Newport UK


We have had some sad news from Zambia.  Nalukena, the housekeeper in our HHZ compound in Monze, has had a slight stroke.  Her recovery is in the hands of skilled doctors who perform wonders with the limited resources available at Monze Mission Hospital.  And, of course, at this critical time, our prayers for Nalukena and her family are vital.  

Many of you will have heard Nalukena’s story.  After her husband died, she returned with her three children to live with her parents and supported the family by selling fish on the roadside. Soon after, one daughter died but, due to her limited English, Nalukena was unable to tell us the cause of death.  After her parents died, Nalukena, homeless, remarried and has since had a further two children.  Her husband can afford to pay the school fees for his children but Nalukena’s older children remain uneducated.  

So, at this time our thoughts turn to Nalukena and so many other families in Zambia and India who are in similar desperate situations.  Thankfully, our generous HHI supporters are always ready to dig deep into their pockets in order to relieve the suffering of those whose stories touch their hearts. 

Please forward this story to someone who you think might be able to help.  Thank you!