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I have had an email from Pastor Wilson.  We (and others) support his work at the Neyyar Dam in Kerala.  We recently sent him money to buy a cow for someone who needed an income so as to lift them out of grinding poverty.  As is often the case in India, things didn't quite work out as we expected ...

Praise the Lord.  Greetings from BGM Kerala, Neyyardam. I hope you all are fine .Today I am sending the cow distribution photo. Kindly excuse me my delay.
Actually the first beneficiary finally was not interested in cow rearing because of the water shortage in her house so we give to them one tailoring machine [sewing machine]. Now they are earning money from this tailoring machine every day. 
Then secondly I found another beneficiary.  She is a widow.  Her husband died some years ago so her life was very difficult. So I gave this cow for this poor widow. When I bought the cow the money was not enough.  I need to pay back 8000 rupees [£100] later. This is because i bought the tailoring machine from that cow money.
I will send the photo of tailoring machine with beneficiary.  I hope you all are fine.

And please remember our rainwater harwesting tank and our mid day food distribution programe for patients. I hope you will try and help this programmes also. Please remember in prayers.