News from Pastor Wilson at the Neyyar Dam

We have worked with Pastor Wilson for a number of years on a variety of projects.  He has written to us recently about some of them.  A little bit of money goes a long way in India!


We are extremely happy to express our deep-hearted thanks and gratitude for your Charity endowments to the suffering poor and marginalized sector. Your help and support to those deserving families gave much hope to the hopeless – for their livelihood, treatment and to educate their children.  They are all praying to the almighty for your fervent and magnanimous favor which they will never forget and thank you so much for your helping hand to serve their lives and livelihood.  Your support to them are running smoothly with accountability and transparency.  I am happy to bring to you the success stories of the case studies as follows. 

1. Tailoring machine issued. 
Name of the patient - JULI
Address - Veeranakavu, Thiruvananthapuram. 
Family background - July hails from a very poor family.  Her husband is sickly and is unable to do coolie works.  JulI have two girl children (Twins).  While she was rather embarrassed thinking over how she can pull on the family meeting the both ends of her life, by God’s grace through Pastor.K.Wilson she received a sewing machine to develop her skill of stitching from Director HHI for which she is much thankful to Pastor Wilson and HHI.  She is stitching and earning money for her income generation and sustainability.  She is getting fairly good earning for the livelihood promotion of her family and to educate children.  The unexpected Gift of Tailoring machine transformed her life and she keep it as a valuable treasure.  She consider it as a gift from God and thank God fervently so as HHI. 

At the event that BGM faced stagnancy on its forward movement, last time Edmond brother and his workers gathered first hand information issued money for this skill training, purchase pearl (Muthu), marketing etc.  It paved way to more than 30 widows, poor diseased women to acquire training on Mala muthu and do job in the Centre and at their houses according to their convenience for an earning.  This provided everybody joy and happiness.  One diseased widow witnessed that ” if at all she doesn’t received this income generation work she would have suffered a lot even to purchase her medicine – daily”. 

Name - Sindhu’s mother 
Age - 55 years 
Place - Marakunnam
Sindhu’s mother hails from a poor family.  She is suffering from the deadful disease Cancer.  Her husband is also old aged and is a wage laborer often unable to go for works.  They are suffering a lot to meet their both ends of life with the meager income of her husband.  At this juncture they started receiving Rs.500/- [£5.50] per month sponsored by HHI arranged by Pastor K.Wilson.  The family is much grateful to you for your financial support which provide her money for purchasing tablets monthly.  If at all she received this favour her life had been in danger without doing proper treatment.  She use to pray for you and request your prayers too.  We shalalll be thankful if you would kindly continue your support for this family.

4. Fall down  PATIENT

Name of the Patient - SHEELA 

Age - 45 years 
Place - Sreekariyam 
Sheela hails from a very poor family. She is suffering from the dreadful disease cancer.  Your financial aid of Rs.1000/- per month to her is the only income and solace for her to continue her treatment.  She says now she can walk little by little by using walking stick.  In the recent check up at Medical College Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram it is identified that she posses two three abses (lumps) So, the sample is posses two three abses is sent for biopsy for further investigation and treatment.  She is continuing her medicines as usual.  She is a widow and there is no such help also.  Your prayers and financial support enabled her to live in.  She use to pray for you.  “With much gratefulness for your help and support, I look forward for your continued help and support. “

Name of the patient – Anandavally

Age - 55 years 
Place - Chemboor 
Anandavally hails from a very poor family suffering from paralysis.  I am still a bed patient.  I can walk a little with support.  I need the support of someone to go to the toilet.  I am still continuing medicines regularly.  At times I feel hard to purchase medicines for want of money.  Your financial support of Rs.800/- [£9] per month which is very much helpful for me to pull on my life with medical treatment.  I use to continue praying to the Almighty for my cure and for your financial support.  I request your prayers too for my early curation.

Name of the patient - Kamalamma 
Age - 60 years 
Place - Neyyar Dam 
I am continuing treatment for my heart disease.  You financial aid of Rs.700/- [£8] per month for my treatment is very much helpful for me for which I thank you so much.  I hope you would continue your financial support for me and request you to do so.  I use to pray for you and request your prayers too.  My husband is diseased and hence he is unable to go for any coolie works. 

7. Name of the patient - Bindu
Age - 40 years 
Place - Neyyar Dam 
My skin disease of Exema is still under treatment and I suffer a lot by that.  The itching and pain is unbearable and crucial.  Doctor asked me to continue medicines for fairly large duration.  My family in a critical condition economically.  My husband is physically handicapped and much weak now-a-days unable to go for work and earn money.  Your prayers and financial support is the only hope in my life for which I am much obliged to you and pray to God.  We use to pray for you and request your prayers too.  I request you to continue your support. I sincerely hope that Lord God had given us this support through you. 
There are many other people like these who need our help.  There are also some programmes that would benefit from more funding:

BGM Adult literacy programme .


BGM Emergency distribution programme

One of our self help groups (credit unions)

BGM water well support programme 

BGM Food distribution programme for poor patients in Neyyardam Hospital.