Recycle Your Giving

UK charity all income sent abroad to help the poorest people in India and Africa

Our supporters are often touched by the stories from India and Zambia and dig deep to find the necessary funds to support a project, a family or a child. So, what happens when a donor discovers that the child’s education they wish to support has already been funded by someone else?  Well, that is exactly what happened just the other day.  Read on…

Our supporter was informed that another sponsor had been found to enable a young disabled boy, Nasilele, to attend school.  Undeterred by this news, the funds that had been intended for him were quickly redirected to allow Pretoria to board at a Choongo Special School.   Pretoria had developed partial paralysis at the age of 3 affecting her left arm and leg. And although she has challenges with her disability, and is aware that life in the village is very hard, she is grateful for the opportunities a good education can give and hopes to work and sustain herself when she finishes school.

UK charity helping disabled children in Zambia to get an education.  Chongo Choongo West Zambia Southern Province