The Seven Year Gap

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One gap year in education is not uncommon… but seven??

Bibian first came to our attention in 2011.  At this time, even though one of her legs was enlarged and covered in sores, she was attending school.  However, she was becoming increasingly self conscious about her leg and very unhappy because other children did not want to be with her. 

Since that time, HHI supporters have generously funded hospital visits, medicines and also monthly nutritional food support.  But, despite everyone’s best efforts, her condition did not improve.  Indeed, until the arrival of Dr Nkonjera, not one of the treatments offered to Bibian was successful.  (See article 6th December 2017)

So, after a seven year gap in her education, Bibian is now back in school.  Her facial sores have healed and although there is still a long way to go for her leg to be completely healed, we are praying that Dr Nkonjera can continue to make a difference

And that difference is, yet again, down to you.  Thank you!