Silent Auction in progress
Earlier this year, SFHHI (Strathaven Friends of HHI), held a silent auction in the Trinity Church Hall.  ‘Bargain Hunt’ fans please note that the style of the televised auction differs greatly from a silent auction such as the one held at Stra’ven on a wet and windy Saturday in March!
A silent auction requires everyone to add to a list their bid for the item they would like to have.  So, in order to secure your ‘prize’, you need to keep checking the list and see what others have bid and revise yours if necessary. Then it’s a mad rush as the final deadline looms to try to ensure yours is the final bid.
It seems as though the weather did not deter people from taking part in this event.  A fantastic sum of over £700 was raised altogether.  There was also a challenging competition devised by committee member Ian Gow involving identifying various items of historical interest. This was won by supporter Helen Stevenson seen here receiving her prize of a decorated ‘HHI’ cake
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