We had a wonderful evening.  We sang with ‘hwyl’, listened intently, prayed earnestly and dug a little deeper into our pockets to buy some of the goodies on sale. At times we chuckled while, at other times, some of us were moved to tears.  We had full updates about progress in India and Zambia and tucked into refreshments donated by supporters.  We watched a video of the Stra’ven Scouts building the Ntambo Hammermill, which included footage of the late Alistair Ogilvy, and which, incidentally, is where the young Priscilla and her new baby live. ( see article 29.10.18)  In all, thanks to everyone, it was an inspiring night!

One message that came across clearly was that over the years, there have been many stories which illustrate the true ethos of HHI… where a need is identified, then that need needs to be addressed!  Ron Prosser told us the story about how the hospital in Mpongwe was saved from closure… prayer and perseverance ensured that the hospital remained open and it is still flourishing. The ever busy Ron has written a book which details this amazing story.  It’s a ‘must read’, a cool Christmas ‘stocking filler’ and an absolute snip at £8!



Behind the Scenes
 ‘… when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,  so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.’                           Matthew 6:3&4(NIV)
Another message at our supporters’ event was that there are many people who give generously to HHI and this giving is done quietly, behind the scenes. They do not wish to receive public acknowledgement and are happy to trust that the trustee and committee groups will do their very best to direct HHI resources to the places where there is greatest need.

Our picture shows a different, yet nonetheless still very important, side of giving. Without fail, every Supporters’ Evening John and Lorna roll up their sleeves and give their time and energy to persuade our supporters to buy some of the beautiful crafts we obtain from India and Zambia. 
To everyone everywhere who is in involved with HHI in any way… publicly or privately, we say, on behalf of all those who benefit because of your generosity, THANK YOU!

All Change!
Yet another message that came across clearly at our Supporters’ Evening was the one that Brian, the ’money man’, gave. He pointed out that everyone who gives to HHI, gives as much as they can… that’s just the nature of our HHI supporters!  So, in order to keep our coffers looking healthy, he encouraged everyone to tell a friend about HHI. 
And the outcome of doing that is exactly what is shown in the picture.  A lady, who has given container items in the past, asked what happens during a Supporters’ Evening.  On hearing that our Merthyr friends sold cards and gifts at the event, she promptly dug out these beautiful chocolate laden ‘Santa’s Sleighs’.  And, she insisted that they were sold for no less than £2.50 each.  And, the good news is, they were!  Everyone loved them!  Result!