Two Trustees go to Zambia and take a break

Back to TIA. We were invited to sit on the Beneficeries Committee - this is were HHZ reviews people who need money, for health interventions, disability aids or services we can’t provide or business start up capital. Due start 8.30, actual start about 10.00! It was an opportunity to observe how HHZ listen, consider and decide on whether they can help the individual. As we approached the time to catch the coach to Livingstone for our tourist break we managed to squeeze in lunch, after all, we wouldn’t want to be late for the one o’clock bus. At 2pm the coach left  Monze, we could have had pudding. Not only was bus late, my seat was double booked but thankfully sorted. We are here now and ready for some rest. Hopefully our next entry will be on Monday evening. Have a good weekend, we hope to.