What did the three do on the day of rest?

Well there was some rest, some work and a lot of worship. The church services do last a long time and between Philip, Tom and the intrepid three, they managed over 20 hours of worship. Some in the morning and then in the evening. Edmund and Tom went to the same church as last week and afterwards they helped  a number of people with small donations for food. Carol, Chris and Philip went to a catholic mass and got there an hour early and watched as the people rolled in. There was some rest in the afternoon and some activity. Chris loaded up some photos on earlier blog entries and Edmund discussed budgets with Philip. Some rest followed before the team left for worship.

Evening worship was back at the Banyan Tree where HHI visitors used to stay. It is a new and relatively small fellowship held in the room where women used to do craftwork. Though small in number it was a vibrant service and a number of people asked for prayer. Both Edmund and Chris spoke and Carol led the team in their unique rendition of Spirit of the living Lord. What the locals thought  nobody knows but that may well been their debut and finale in one go. All enjoyed a cup of tea, biscuits and cake after the service and as the team where leaving there were more prayer requests on the veranda. Haloes suitable polished after a day of worship, they returned for Supper. 

Tomorrow is a 'day out' in Trivandrum with some visits too. Watch out for the next update tomorrow.

Good night