What next?

As you know, we are no longer sending containers to Zambia.  And, as a consequence, we do not have the same level of contact with some of our supporters. 

So, what are our knitters, knickers collectors, medical equipment donors, spectacles and audiology collectors, education suppliers, and machinery and tools contributors doing now?

Well, some have turned their hands to other things.  One of our supporters from Scotland, makes tablets of Scottish fudge and sells them at coffee mornings.  Also, the ‘Paracetamol Man’, again from north of the border, now collects £1 every month instead of tablets from his flock of weekly donors. Now that’s enterprising!

Maybe you are now wondering how you can change what you usually do and support HHI in a different way. Perhaps you can also think about how you can take part in one of our 20th anniversary challenges or even think up some of your own. 

By doing that, you will not only changing something about yourself, but also help to change the lives of needy and vulnerable people who live in desperate conditions in India and Zambia.  

Now that’s something worth changing for!