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Hammer mill in operation and earning income for Chipembele

Some years ago we installed a hammer mill to the community of Chipembele. At the time they were poor and short of food. On our visit in October we visited them to see how they were getting on.

It was heartening to know that the hammer mill was still operating and providing income for the community. They have maintained the mill over the years and the income generated has enabled the people to buy seed and fertiliser each year to provide their own maize and continued to grind maize for their customers. Watch the greeting we received. When asked what else they had done with the income and it soon came apparent that they had spent well - families called out the number of animals they had - pigs, goats and chickens abound in the community now. It was also good to hear that when an animal gave birth then the newborn was given to someone else in the community to help them.

Nanga school

Many challenges at Nanga school including wiring!

On a recent visit to Zambia we went to see the staff and pupils at Nanga special school, north of Mazabuca and about an hours drive from Monze.

Dreadful - the only word to describe what we witnessed here. Where to start? Well for instance the wiring in many places is dangerous - this is a live wire above a child's bed; the girls dormitory is in the same building as the dining area and kitchen - a fire hazard. The toilets provided by the Zambian government are open pit latrines with access so narrow that wheelchair users have to get down and crawl all over the...

Perhaps the most desperate problem is budget. With school fees of kw500 per term - some of which is not paid because of poverty, plus a paltry kw3700 per term government fund (equivalent to about 6p per child per day) gives a total - if all pupils paid - of about kw12500 against a food budget alone of kw60000. Do the sums and it adds up to starvation!

New website

We have new website launched

Welcome to our new website. A number of changes are included in this version - the main one is to provide smartphone and tablet compatibility. This means a different look and feel of the website but all the features we have used in the previous version are here. We hope you enjoy the format and content.

Please note - the shop will be rebuilt soon on this platform so watch out for a launch date. In the meantime please visit the shop - browse some of the items for sale, including our popular alternative gifts. Once you have identified what you would like to order or can't see what you want, use  the contact links provided - we will then handle your order. Enjoy...