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Two Trustees go to Zambia part three

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It’s Wednesday, at least it was when I typed this report. We have yet to have water, electricity and the internet all on at the same time, at least it seems that way. Mosquitoes are buzzing around trying to get at least a score draw!

This morning we divided all the school stationery to give to four schools and we set off to go to the first one - Muumba. This project is a great success and the numbers of children enrolled has risen to nearly 400. Consequently the school needs more classrooms to accommodate all the classes at the same time rather than teaching  in shifts. This is a project we are working on, looking for grant funding, unless anyone out there has £35,000 to donate! The expansion will also enable the school to teach up to Grade 9 rather than Grade 7 at present. The school grounds are well laid  out with their new borehole and pump, the kitchen garden, playground and toilets and enough space for the proposed extension. All surrounded by a wall and a secured gate. 

We gave the head teacher, Mr Bblika, £100 from Merthyr Toddler Group which he will spend on toys and education material for pre-school. We also donated £50 from a Rivertown United Reformed Church  member, for text books. There is an albino girl in the school and Mr Bbilika asked us for sun tan lotion to protect her from the sun, which I can vouch is very hot! We bought some from the local chemist and will leave our sun tan lotion behind for her. 

Two Trustees go to Zambia part two

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Mosquitoes 0 Humans 2. - thought it may have been 1-1 after Edmund was bitten but he is still alive and well so it must have been another biting bug. We might be winning against mosquitoes but we are definitely losing when it comes to regular running water, consistent electricity supply and continuous access to the internet!  I am writing this offline on Tuesday evening in the vain hope of getting it on the website before we come home. This is Africa or as the Zambians say TIA. 

On Monday we stayed on the compound, conducting interviews with people from HHZ, our partners in Zambia. Without their help we would not be able to do so much and reach so many people in need. We checked processes and  procedures, accounts and record keeping; a necessary part of the monitoring we undertake when we visit.  We also discuss any issues or challenges and see how we can work together and help. After all help is in our name, so is health - and we will have plenty of opportunity to see the work and the people who have benefited from us or discover those who need our help. More of this area of our work later.

Another area we look at is the work out in the field, following up an where our supporters money is spent. This includes selecting, at random, some of people we have helped financially or helped by giving them medical help or a disability aid such as a wheelchair. The latter is important this time given we sent out 30 new wheelchairs we bought with a generous donation from Women’s World Day of Prayer. Such  visits enable us to provide feedback, share stories and confirm what we see reflects what we expect. Using the selections, we created the programme of visits for Tuesday. Visits to projects will start on Wednesday but don’t hold your breath, this doesn’t mean we will get the report on the website the same day!

Pleasure or Profit?

Some people pound the pavements for pleasure.  Indeed, Clifton and Jute regularly run for fun in the Newport area.  Now, however, they have decided to go one step further. Along with Jen, Esther and Eluned they plan to run the Cardiff Half Marathon and at the same time raise funds for HHI.

Can you help them turn pleasure into profit? In order to support this worthy cause and learn more about the story visit

Re: cycling

Tomorrow the annual ‘Round Straven 50’ charity cycle event will take place. And today, an army of organisers are putting the final touches to what is the Scottish charity's fundraising event of the year. Indeed, at this very moment, Iain Park is being driven along the route by Jute in the pouring rain posting important signs. Now that’s dedication!

Is there a victor?  Well, in truth, it’s HHI that will wear the yellow jersey tomorrow….our Indian and Zambian friends are the real winners!!!

To learn more about this amazing event, just visit the Round Straven 50 website.

Just a few hours ago, this message appeared on Facebook:

‘Final preparations are well under way for tomorrow’s event. Just picture those lovely cakes waiting for you at the various feeding stations as well as the opportunity to have a hot snack before you start at Pit Stop Snax! Looking forward to seeing you all, and hope the weather is kind to us. Take care on the roads, and thanks once again for supporting us by taking part in the RS50.’

Kerala floods - updated

You may have seen or heard on the news about the horrendous floods in Kerala, the part of India that HHI works in.  Sadly, many people have lost their lives.

The good news is that all our people are safe.  We have been in contact with Tom: the area that he works in has been less hard hit than many others.  Philip's family live further north, and his sister has been evacuated from her home.  The family home sits at the top of a slope, with a river in a deep ravine about a hunderd yards down the slope.  Currently the water is now filling the ravine and indeed is lapping at the house, but the family have moved upstairs and are safe.  At Indinjar, the stream has turned into a torrent, but the CDSA centre there is safe, as are all the staff.  The tuition centre is closed for the time being, and some of the staff are helping at an evacuation centre in the local school.

The Indian and state governments seem to be responding well to the situation.  They have far more resources than we do, so for the time being we will leave them to sort it all out.  The community is also pulling together to help.  But longer term we are sure that there will be needs that we can meet - we will keep you informed when that happens.


Philip has visited, and has been helping clean up his family's homes and also other people's.  There are some smaller villages that have not received Government help; Philip would like to take one of the Special Therapy Centre's mini-vans up to the area, loaded with aid for these villages.   If you would like to contribute to the cost of this, please contact us.

20th Anniversary HHI Celebration Concert.

The word is out!  

It is 20 years since HHI was founded by Ron Prosser to help the poor and needy in India and Zambia.  And, to celebrate the amazing success of HHI over two decades and also the unfailing commitment of or loyal supporters, the world famous Treorchy Male Choir will perform at Summerhill Baptist Church in Newport.  Tickets are available NOW.                                                                               

Just contact the office 01633 671055 or any management committee member.  

See you there!

A Lick of Paint in Naanga

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Jonah Sialumano, HHZ Disabilities Coordinator, has sent us an update of the painting in progress in Naanga Special School…

The painter, Gibson, was taken to Nanga to paint and, along with his helper, to camp there in order to speed up the work. However, since the dormitories are being painted for the first time, more tins of paint may be needed so that there is a first, second and third coat to avoid some spots to be seen. The painting has been done in accordance with the choice of the Buildings officer’s colour. The observation is, as I saw it when I was in Nanga, that the visually impaired children as they move on their own need to touch the walls as they master their way.  Inside the dormitories, they also touch the walls as they move around for example when going to the bathing room or when going to their friends. For this reason, white colour will not be suitable for a long time. Therefore, there is need to replace in with grey colour which does not reflect dirt even when it is touched.  Gibson, who is still on the site, will advise us as to how much grey paint may be required to continue the painting. By Sunday, the painter may be through with all the works because more work has been done. You can see the pictures which show white colour paint in the hostels.

Mr Gondwe Lends a Hand

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One of our much respected HHZ Trustees, Mr Funcy Gondwe, shows that he is not averse to hard work.  He is a pillar of his church and community and, as well as running a busy store, gives his time freely to support the work of HHI in Zambia…and not just by attending meetings to develop initiatives and oversee ongoing projects! 

Nice work Mr Gondwe.   

Mission MHM

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Smiles all round

Our Menstrual Hygiene Management programme has been taken to Naanga Special School.  Jonah Sialumano informs us ….

‘As we took the paint and the painter to Naanga Special School, MHM was also part of the program. While painting was going, Premeldah was also busy teaching the girls of Nanga School on MHM.  After teaching, the girls were able to demonstrate on how to insert or lay the pads, a sign that they understood what they were being taught.  Alister did not go for this task because she was sick.’

To our UK supporters we again say a huge ‘Thank you’ for making this vital programme possible.

News from Monze Mission Hospital

Health Help International, volunteer run charity in Newport UK, serving Zambia, Western Province

Dr Sufyan Ibrahim, our contact at Monze Mission Hospital, has sent us this report…

Monze Mission Hospital is as busy as ever.  The weather is chilly but that does not seem to deter our patients. But then what are we there for?!  With the cold season our burns section of the ward is full, but we hope to do those poor kids some good.

The autoclave worked very well on connecting to a power source and it should be operational very soon.  The one at the dental clinic is on its last tether.  In due course I shall send you a few pictures of it.

The instruments are a God send and the suction tubing and anaesthesia circuits are very helpful. The sacks full of colostomy bags will see us through for a long time to come.

Diathermy Update

I thank you very much for your efforts at acquiring the diathermy.  It appears that TTM [a possible supplier of diathermy machines] do not have what I am looking for, but what they have may be just fine.  I think a brand new one will do the trick, provided we get a good three or four earthing pads.  I am sure we can wait, as the OR still has functional ones.  The best way to get it down to Monze would be to send it with someone coming down. But postal service as a last resort would be okay.

Looking Ahead

I will be very glad to meet the trustees when they come to Monze. Kindly keep me posted.