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Jute and Hilary in Zambia - 3

Decision Time

The Beneficiaries Committee spent the morning interviewing people who had travelled from far and wide to ask for help.  Their needs ranged from parents asking for money for transport to take their sick or disabled child to hospital, to the just plain hungry.  Hungry because a disability or illness prevents them from working so they have no money.  And that means the family will be hungry too.  Help was at hand.

However, not all stories are easy to listen to and not all decisions are easy to make.   

For instance…

Royd Mwanachiwena, a ‘double orphan’, lives with his grandmother in a remote area. Because of the distance between home and school, Royd had been a boarder, but funds have now run out. Royd was seeking money to allow him to complete his education: a £100 to board or £60 to attend school as a day pupil. 

HHI was unable to offer to pay for Royd’s eduaction but £24 was given to him so that he could repair his bike. Royd is more than willing to cycle to school through the bush in order to finish his schooling… if he can find the fees.


Patreeda asked for support in order that she could care for her disabled 16 yr old nephew. He is already known to HHZ and has been supported in the past. Patreeda was given money to purchase seed and fertiliser from the local council, join a cooperative, buy food and also money for transport home.  Why transport?  Well, because Patreeda lives a long way from Monze, she set off the day before the committee meeting and along with her infant son, slept overnight in the bush.

How desperate is that?

Jute and Hilary in Zambia - 2

Muumba, Monze, Zambia, HHI UK, HHZ, Health Help International, charity

Marvellous Muumba

Developments at Muumba School continue to be promising.  We were delighted to meet Mr and Mrs Bbilika and pre-school teacher Mrs Phiri. They were eager to show us the new building funded by HHI, as well as the shelter (made from surplus materials) which is used for giving additional lessons to those children who need to catch up.  The school is freshly painted, the external wall and fence complete and one toilet has been converted to allow disabled access. The bore hole provides fresh water and the new pathways enable disabled pupils and staff to move around more easily.  Planting has begun in the garden too.

They were grateful to receive grey school jumpers, tennis balls and skipping ropes and, thanks to the toddler group at Hope and Market Square Church in Merthyr, we were able to give them £100 for outdoor play equipment.  Also, they are looking forward to the delivery of sets of reading books from Strathaven Primary School.

In two years the school has grown from 50 pupils, to an expected 338 this coming September.  Looking to the future, Mr Bbilika would like to extend the school to Grade 9 by adding 3 new classrooms.  Anything seems to be possible at Muumba!

See more photos in the gallery

Jute and Hilary in Zambia - 1

Mwlibwti!     Greetings from Zambia. 

After a long journey we arrived safely.  We were greeted by glorious sunshine and were grateful to trustee Mr Maheritona for bringing us to Monze.  Twalumba Mr Maheritona! 

Rains Came, Rains Stayed: Good Harvest
This year the rains came and stayed. As a consequence there has been a good harvest and food is reasonably priced. 
It’s good to share good news and we thought you would appreciate this!

If Internet access allows, regular updates will be posted and we look forward to sending information.

News letter from the HHI office

9th July 2017 (Uploaded 3rd August 2017)


Dear friends and supporters,

HHI have been sending containers to Zambia each 18 months or so since 2004. These have been filled, predominantly, with items donated by people and organisations like yourselves, or those you represent.

We have no substantial storage space of our own as we operate from a small office with the blessing and support of Stow Park Church Centre. We have recently relied on Johnsey Estates, Mamhilad, to provide a large storage area where we can store, sort and pack our items prior to despatch. This they have done free of charge for which we thank them.

In September 2016 we were asked to vacate our current area and relocate onto the first floor in another building on their estate at Mamhilad. This was a far from ideal location but we were in no position to complain as that was the only space available. The only access for our items was via a very old goods lift.

In December 2016 this lift became unusable and we were informed in January 2017 that the cost of repair was prohibitively high. Our stored items, therefore, were therefore effectively stuck on the first floor. We were also informed by Johnsey Estates that they had no other place they could offer us, so our relationship with them would end.

Letter of thanks to Le Bowke

Le Bowke letter

We have been so grateful for all the help that Le Bowke Logistics have given us that we are publishing the letter of thanks we sent them.

Beulah has got legs!

Beulah prosthetic legs disabled children special needs school Tamil Nadu India

We have just heard from Pastor Santhosh that Beulah has now had artificial legs fitted and is starting to learn how to walk for the first time in her life.  Pastor Santhosh writes

On 4th June, Beula got the Artificial Limb. Agarwal Trust helped this time. So we have to spend only Rs 7,000/- [£90] only. Again we have to purchase the Crutches after little practice with support, Parallel Bar etc. She is little afraid and please do Pray to get adjusted with this Artificial Limb. I think it will be a slow process. We are very much thankful for your willingness to support her for a long term. Convey our thanks to all those who came forward to help Beula.

Beulah will need new legs every year as she grows and develops.  We are very grateful to the Friends of Strathaven and a North Wales supporter who asked friends and relatives to donate in lieu of presents for his 80th birthday who have made this possible.

Suction Machines … Ready to go!

Suction machines

The response to the Week 3 article in the current Tidings (April 2017) was very positive indeed.  As a result of the amazing generosity of dedicated supporters, we have purchased not one, but two suction machines, as well as all the necessary accessories to keep them in good working order for some time to come!  The picture shows a delighted Jute labelling the suction machines ready for their dispatch on the container which is due to be loaded at Mamhilad on 16th June. On behalf of all at HHI and also the patients who will benefit from this essential piece of equipment in Monze Mission Hospital


Container Items


Please note that we have enough items for the container and it is now full.

Many thanks to all our supporters for all your donations in the past, but as circumstances are at present we are not accepting any further donations for the foreseeable future.

For other ways to help please see the 'Can I help?' page.

Beulah's story


Beulah is 8 years old and apart from a short break in 2014, has been at Asha Kiran Ashram since 2012.  Those of you who attend our Supporters’ Evenings will already be captivated by the delightful Beulah and moved by her irrepressible joy for life. 

During her mother's pregnancy Beulah’s father met with an accident which severed his legs.  As the family breadwinner was no longer earning money they decided that the pregnancy should not continue and that the expectant mother would take an abortifacient.  This was done, but it failed to terminate the pregnancy.  Instead, Beulah was born seriously disabled: in a cruel twist of fate, she has only short stumps of legs, and also one hand has just one finger and a thumb, whilst the other hand has no thumb, one good finger, and two other fingers fused together in a single member.  Despite this, she is a happy intelligent child who joins in with everything enthusiastically - even dancing with the other children.

The plan is to get Beulah prosthetic legs.  She has had one visit to Chennai to have the necessary measurements taken, and we are expecting to hear any day of her having returned to have the legs fitted.  The cost of this is estimated to be Rs. 35,000 (£450). 

However, this is just the beginning. The process will need to be repeated annually.  Obviously, as she grows she will need bigger legs.  When she is 18 she can be fitted with legs that will last her for the foreseeable future - but this will be much more expensive as the legs will have to be far more durable. The total budget is therefore about £6,000 over 10 years and HHI has committed to this. 

The £900 raised on a single Saturday at the Strathaven Bridge Drive has given this initiative a tremendous start.  Thank you to our fantastic SFHHI supporters and friends.   We’re looking forward to news of Beulah and we’ll keep you posted on her progress. 

Strathaven Bridge Drive April 2017

enthusiastic players

The superbly well organised Bridge Drive, held in the Outreach Church, Townhead Street, Strathaven on Saturday 22nd April, was a huge success attracting 56 participants who took part in two hours of concentrated bridge playing. 

After a tasty lunch provided and served by the SFHHI committee and friends, and the two hour tournament, Iain Park gave a short talk about the work of HHI in India and Jute Williams gave thanks and praised the SFHHI folk for their amazing support, hard work, loyalty and professionalism.  Everyone had a wonderful time and the enthusiastic bridge players will certainly be back for more concentrated play next year.

Among the winners of the Bridge Drive were Iain Park and Kath Russell, both members of the SFHHI committee!!  But that’s not all… a beautiful cake, especially made for the event and donated by Taylor’s Bakery, Strathaven, was the prize for the winning admission ticket and, in addition to this, there were no less than 40 raffle prizes!

It’s little wonder that the grand total for the event exceeded £900!!!

To find out who will benefit from this wonderful effort, read Beulah’s story… (See later post)