Our work

Our work is undertaken by a small number of volunteers in the UK - mostly in Newport, South Wales, but also Shotton, North Wales, and Strathaven, Scotland. As we are all volunteers who contribute financially to HHI's work, as well as giving our time and energy freely, all the money that is contributed by our supporters is sent overseas to support our wide-ranging work there.

We operate in India and Zambia and in both places we have people resident in the country to help us manage projects and ensure that every penny is spent by the right people for the right purpose.

Muumba School pupils assembly

Muumba School pupils assembly

To read more about our work select one of the following:

  • India - Operating in Southern India we provide medical support for individuals and two special needs centres.  We also work with a major hospital to improve access for people who would otherwise not be admitted or treated, and work with communities and individuals to improving living standards in a variety of ways..
  • Zambia - Operating in Monze, Southern Province, we supply health related items for local clinics and hospitals, set up self help projects for communities to help lift them from poverty, help disabled people improve their lives as well as helping invalids access health care.
  • Container - We used to collect items for Zambia and our target was to send out a container every year.  Our final container arrived in Monze in August 2017.
  • Fundraising - Please look at our fundraising efforts and how you can help.

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