India is a land of strange contrasts. To the international community it presents an image of a go-ahead country, with a successful and growing middle class; huge wealth; world-class hospitals, schools and universities; a massive and well-equipped military; its own space programme; a huge software industry; and no need of outside help. Yet, beneath this success story, there is another India, where 400 million people live below the official poverty line: 200 million of these exist in extreme poverty. India now has a higher incidence of childhood malnutrition than sub-Saharan Africa - indeed, there are more malnoursished children in India than the rest of the world put together. Caste and religious discrimination - although illegal - remain. Often government help intended for the poor never reaches them. It is with these people – the marginalised, the neglected, people unreached by most of India’s developments over the last 50 years – that HHI works, bringing health and help to some of the poorest and most needy people of South India. HHI works primarily in the two most southerly states of India – Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We also support work in Orissa. Many people in the area are helped in all sorts of ways. Some of them are listed below. Click on the links below to find out more about just some of the work that we are involved with.

Title Subtitle
Introduction to our work in India The people we work with
Asha Kiran Ashram - Rays of Hope House Our special needs centre in Tamil Nadu
HHI visit to India, 2018 These are my notes - everything we did, and many of the people we met. All in great detail! For reports on our 2019 visit, please see the updates in the News section from January 2019. For the 2020 visit, see the news updates for February 2020.
Shanti Bhavan A home for destitute men and women
Immunosupressant drugs for kidney transplant patients Life saving medication for those who cannot afford it
Hospital work Supporting those who have no support, and ensuring that everyone can be treated
Special Therapy Happy Valley: a second special needs centre
Orissa Medical help for persecuted Christians
Other help Different needs - different solutions
Heart surgery and medicines Helping the sick of all ages
General medical help Everything from cough pastilles to major surgery
Kollenkavu A healthier, happier, more productive community
Credit unions Enabling people to lift themselves out of poverty
Thanal House A home for destitute women
Monthly letters (December 2015) Each month we receive a letter with news and requests. This is one - more are in the News section.
Latest news from Tamil Nadu (November 2015) Developments at Asha Kiran Ashram, our children's special needs centre