People in India

Tom and Philip manage HHI work in India
Role: Work co-ordinators

Tom and Philip are two trusted Christian people who enable HHI to operate in India. Tom is the visionary. An Australian who felt the call of God on his life, and left everything. He first worked with Mother Theresa, and then established a craft centre near to Nedumangad in southern Kerala to provide employment for the poor. This grew and developed, and he handed it over to others. He now has another, smaller craft centre a few miles away – The Banyan Tree – at Pazkhutty/Kulappada, funded by our sister charity The Friends of the Banyan Tree which continues to provide employment for disadvantaged and low-caste women, enabling them to support their families. He also acts as a magnet to the poor and needy in the area, who come to him for help with medical bills, education, support, setting up small businesses and the like. Contributions to HHI enable him to meet many of these needs. Tom is a remarkable man. He keeps nothing for himself. He has no watch, no fridge, no mobile phone, no bed, and little more than the clothes that he stands up in. He cannot use a computer. He lives the life of a poor low-caste Indian, and dresses like one. Everything that he receives he passes on to the needy of the area.

Philip is a practical man. A younger man, he is an Indian from further north in Kerala. He looks after the business side of the craft centre, and its administration and finances. He distributes some of the money that we send out each month to people who are further away.

Shibu - hospital bystander in India
Role: Hospital Bystander

Shibu is our full-time bystander who looks after patients in the hospital at Trivandrum and gets their medicines.  He is funded by HHI.

Anyone who needs to go into hospital needs a bystander otherwise they will not be admitted. A bystander looks after the patients needs - similar to something like an auxilliary nurse. Therfore Shibu pplays a vital role in ensuring the people who have nobody to support them can be admitted.

Shalini and her mother Valsala
Role: Manager Thanal House - home for destitute women

For many years our home for destitute women was run by Pastor Sam, first in his home in the suburbs of Trivandrum, then in a shed in his back yard, and finally in a purpose-built centre in the coutryside near to Katakkada.  HHI has supported this venture for many years, and provided the land for the new building in our biggest ever fund-raising project.  Sadly, Sam died at the end of 2011 at a tragically young age.  The work is continuing under his younger daughter, Salini Sam Joseph and his widow, Valsala.  They are helped by a number of other people, both salaried and volunteers.  We are currently moving on from a programme of care to trying to achieve such rehabilitation as is possible.

Role: Director Asha Kiran Ashram

Pastor Santhosh Kumar runs Asha Kiran Ashram, a centre for disabled children in AP Nadaroor, Tamil Nadu; his wife Sheela also helps.  He had a seriously disabled son, Bobby John, who has now died, but provided the inspiration for Asha Kiran Ashram. He has a church on the same site as the children's centre and receives support from Celestial Ministries in India. Pastor Santhosh is motivated by care for the children and has developed both the children and the facilities so much that he attracts much interest in this very successful venture.

HHI paid for the building and shares the running costs with him.  He has FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) status, so can legally receive funds from abroad.  Asha Kiran Ashram is registered with the Tamil Nadu government, who provide some support.

Role: Manages Shanti Bhavan home for destitute

Johnny, with wife Rani, run Shanti Bhavan, a home for the destitute – mostly mentally disturbed, but some with physical disabilities.  HHI contributes towards the cost of feeding them, and a supporter paid for a new roof.

Role: Supporter to people in Orissa

Chandra, a Hindu convert to Christianity, comes from Orissa and returns there periodically with help for displaced Christians.  Orissa State experiences a high level of persecution of Christians and thereofore what Chandra does provides greatly needed support for the people there, many of whom have been displaced. We help fund this with money from Six Bells.