People in Zambia

HHZ Chair of trustees
Role: Chair HHI Zambia Trustees

Mr Thabo is a recent addition to the Trustees and was elected to Chair the Board of Trustees. He is a Monze resident and comes with a wealth of work experience in the education sector and wider experience through his involvement in other areas. He has held roles on a number of boards and organisations and is currently a member of the local council and the local Lions Club.

He lists among his hobbies, writing newspaper articles, political analysis and voluntary community service.

Jonah Sialumano - Disability Affairs Manager
Role: Disability Affairs Manager

Jonah has worked for HHI since 2006 and his main responsibility is to manage all aspects of our work with disabled people living in and around Monze. He was born in Masongozi and at three years of age he contracted Polio which paralysed his left leg. His father got him some wooden crutches but these were not too successful but this experienced help in understand the importance of getting appropriate aids for disabled people. When he was eight his mother died and was cared for by his grandmother. He remained determined to get as much education as he resulting in attaining a diploma in Social Work from Lusaka University - specialising in community based intervention for the disabled. He looks forward to unloading the container every year because he knows it will be loaded with wheelchairs, crutches and other walking aids. An optimistic person, Jonah sees a bright future working for HHI and hopes for a better life for disabled people in Zambia.

Carole Nzila - Administrator
Role: Administration Manager

Carole is a holder of a Higher National Diploma in Management of Information systems from Zambia Institute of Management Studies (1998). She also studied Data Processing management and Software engineering at the same college. She joined HHI in 2005 as a tutor in Information Technology, Bookkeeping and Use of Packages. She was later moved to a Book keeper in 2007 and then appointed as an Administrative Manager in 2008. She holds this position to date.

Carole's qualifications have made it possible for her to do jobs that would require employing at least 4 people. She does the accounts, secretarial duties, typesets jobs for the printing department and the general office administration duties for HHI.

Carole has learnt a lot about disabled people by interacting with them in her daily duties and the few outreach programs that she has attended. She hopes to continue working towards helping the disabled, the vulnerable and the aged.