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Health Help International aims to improve the welfare of the less fortunate in our world

Providing help to both individuals and communities, our work is currently focussed in India and Zambia. Our projects are wide ranging, concentrating on health and education. From supplying infrastructure for hospitals and clinics and medical equipment to funding medical aid to those needing treatment. Schools and training centres are supported across these areas for both adults and children that have disabilities.

Our work in the UK is undertaken by a small number of volunteers, who not only give up their time and energy freely but also contribute financially to HHI’s work. This ensures all the money that is contributed by our supporters is distributed to our projects overseas.

100% of your contribution goes direct to our projects

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Operating in Southern India we provide medical support for individuals and two special needs centres. We also work with a major hospital to improve access for people who would otherwise not be admitted or treated, and work with communities and individuals to improving living standards in a variety of ways.



Operating in Monze, Southern Province, we supply health related items for local clinics and hospitals, set up self-help projects for communities to help lift them from poverty, help disabled people improve their lives as well as helping invalids access health care.


Latest news

25Nov 23

Christmas Craft Sales in Newport

Two of our supporter churches held Christmas Craft sales, with accompanying refreshments. In each case HHI had a couple of tables. The first was at Penylan Baptist Church, Christchurch Road,…

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Our humble beginnings started with an extraordinary event. In 1997, a postman delivered a parcel – an All Bran box containing £12,025 in cash!  Along with a cryptic note saying “For church, for chapel, for Newport, for India.” Our founder, Ron Prosser, checked that the money was legit and began distributing it as instructed.
Over 20 years later, we are committed to our ethos of running entirely with volunteer labour in the UK, ensuring we maximise the money that is sent out to support our work overseas.  All projects are suggested by local people, and are carried out in co-operation with them.  Some we have started from scratch, others have been started by our overseas partners and we have come on board later, providing financial assistance and other help so as to help them continue, run better and expand.

2021 Supporters’ Evening

In 2021 our Supporters’ Evening took place via Zoom – you can catch up by viewing the recording. We gave our supporters a full update on what HHI have been doing over the last year and what was planned for 2022.

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