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Letter from the Neyyar Dam

With Tom being in Australia, we have the opportuity to work more with some other partners in India.  One of these is Pastor Wilson, who lives in an idyllic spot on the shores of the Neyyar Dam.  Like Tom, a number of people come to him for help, and he does what he can.  We recently sent him some money for various purposes, and he has given us this report of how he used that money (a Rupee is just over a penny - so as you can see a little money goes a loing way in India):

Very Respected Edmond sir,

Good day and Praise the Lord.Warm greetings from BGM Social Cervice Centre, Neyyardam. I hope you all are fine and have good health.

Here we all are fine. And Thank you very much for your support.

I Received  130000 rupees from HHI  for different programmes .

From this  amount 30000 Rupees  is donate to to Mrs. Jewelsy for her Uterus operation.

5000 rupees give to three people for purchasing Goat rearing programme .

Mani is a semi handicapped man. He have wife with two children. No good house. He is not able to do any works. Because his leg was broken, doctors put one steel pipe in his leg. He is very happy with this goat. 

5000 Rupees to donate a poor man  for a tailoring machine.  Before receiving money from us  he purchase Tailoring machine in June 2020. purchased one  tailoring machine  and start to work and earn money for his  daily life.

He have wife with two children. He is a evangelist also.He converted from a Hindu family. Now he is a part time evangelist. And  also doing tailoring work.

Bibian’s up date

Bibian has been known to and has been supported by HHI since 2008. Our loyal supporters generously answered every request that was made to help the medics in Monze and beyond find a cure or, at least, help relieve the pain and discomfort felt by Bibian.  Indeed, her physical condition was not the only concern.  The impact on Bibian’s emotional wellbeing and her reluctance to mix with others had a negative impact on her education.  During all this time, Bibian has received a monthly allowance donated by HHI supporters. And, of course, she was regularly remembered in our prayers. 

Following the efforts of the Mr Gondwe, Board Chairperson, and the Charity Coordinator, Jonah Sialumano, Bibian was seen by the Surgeon, Doctor Ngalula, and Bibian’s leg was amputated   above the knee on 22nd September, 2020.  

Carole Nzila has written…                                                                                             

‘It is likely that she will be in Monze Hospital Surgical Section Female ward for close to a month because the Doctors need to make sure the wound starts healing without any complication before discharging her. They also want to determine if there will be any change on the rest of her body after the affected part was removed.               

Bibian after her operation                                                                                   

Beulah's new legs


Longstanding supporters and followers of HHI will have heard about Beulah.  She was born without legs and with deformed hands, but despite everything is a happy child who makes the most of her life.  Some time ago we paid for her to be fitted with artificial legs, and she quickly learned to walk and run around on these.

Time has moved on, she has grown, and she needed more flexible legs.  We sent out some more money, and the latest news is that, despite the Covid-19 epidemic, she has been fitted with replacement legs.  They will take some getting used to, but we know that Beulah will persevere and soon be enabled to live life to the full.

Another great success story for HHI and Asha Kiran Ashram!


Happy Valley special needs school - Independence day


Happy Valley is our special needs centre at Kalathara in Kerala, India.  Recently Philip sent us a lovely video of the children celebrating Independence Day - click here to see it!

Covid-19 has badly affected Kerala once again.  A new lockdown is in force, meaning that many people have been thrown out of work again, without proper support.  So Philip has been busy making up bags of essential supplies for some of the most families in the area, including many of the families of the disabled children at Happy Valley.

It even made it into the local newspaper!

The New Arrival for the New Arrivals!

Our Zambia coordinator, Jute Williams, is always focussed and very busy.  Once Jute is committed to a project, there is nothing that will stop her from achieving that goal.  So, since the request for the CPAP machine for the brand new Chipata Hospital, her correspondence with Global Health and now the eventual arrival of the machine at the hospital, Jute has been on the case!  

Dr Mbinga L Mbinga, Consultant Pediatrician and Pediatric Endocrinologist at Chipata Hospital sent this photo of the brand spanking new machine, still in its wrapping, as soon as it arrived!  We just thought you’d like to see it! 

We'll put some phptopgraphs up of it in use, just as soon a we get them!


You're never too old ...

The Strathaven Friends of HHI (SFHHI) are some of our most enthusiastic and generous supporters.  Their founder and leading light is Iain Park who, at the tender age of 83, is embarking on the RS50, a gruelling 50-mile cycle ride which he helps to organise each year.  He is looking for sponsors - all the money raised will go to HHI.

If you are able to sponsor him, there is a form available on the SFHHI website.  Alternatively, please just use the link above to give by credit or debit card, or use your usual preferred way of giving.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Latest on the loos

The fact that there has been a shortage of 2"x4'' timber and iron sheets which are needed to complete the roofing for the new toilets in Muumba School has not deterred Headteacher, Mr Bruce Bbilika, and the work is coming on really well.  We're getting there!  At the end of last week he wrote…

‘The first challenge had been solved while the second one will be sorted out probably by Tuesday next week. Latest email received from one of the factories today had confirmed about the new stock of iron sheets. Thereafter, we will proceed with plastering starting from inside and finish with the outside part.

Thank you for the support rendered to Muumba project.

Stay blessed.’

Mr Bbilika B.

News from Kerala, India

We have worked with Wilson Kochukunju at the Neyyar Dam for a number of years.  Last month we were able to send him out a bit of extra money, and he has told us how he has spent it:

Very respected Edmond sir,Warm greetings and praise the Lord.

Thank you very much for you’re a special support for the needy people.  You sent 63,000 Rupees [£700] .

Rs. 5,000 [£55] was for  one tailoring machine. That is I distributed one poor person.His name is Xavier. He purchase the machine and start his work. I donate 5000 Rupees. But the machine price was 7500 Rupees. The rest of the money he find.

And also  5000 rupees for purchasing  chickens. I distributed for purchasing chicks for three families.


15000 rupees  for medical bills.I distributed  for three patients. One for the operation charges I give 10000 Rupees [£110], Other 5000  for two patients purchasing medicines.

The other 38000 Rupees [£400]  are we distributed for rice with kitchen  cooking items  for the needy people.

Covid-19 news from Monze

Covid-19 Coronavirus Zambia

Carole Nzila updates us on the Coronavirus situation in Zambia…

‘Warm and tender greetings to you all from all of us in Monze. We hope and trust that you are doing well despite the COVID 19 pandemic. The cases of COVID 19 in Zambia have continued to escalate with more people dying from it. Experts say the virus has found the current cold and windy weather to be very conducive and habitable and is spreading at a very fast pace. Cases have skyrocketed and deaths are on the rise. Hospitals are being crowded with respiratory related diseases and most patients are on respirators. Most hospitals do not have the equipment to contain large numbers of patients. We continue to pray for God’s protection through this ordeal.’

Zambian healthcare is pretty basic at best.  Let's add our prayers to Carole's and those of the rest of the team in Monze.