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Wot no school?

Impact Letter on the Feeding Programme

Seldom is it heard that a child wants to attend school on a weekend!  But that’s exactly what has been reported in the letter received from Brother Innocent at the Holy Family School, Monze, in the St Augustine Province in Zambia.

Attendance at the school has rocketed since Health Help Zambia’s decision to make a monthly contribution of K5000.00 towards the provision of a healthy school meal every day. The school roll has since dramatically increased from 122 (including 39 with disabilities) to 169 and the news is still spreading!  Instead of a basic bland menu of ‘porridge or magwaza (boiled maize Grains), our learners are now eating rice, sappo and nshima twice a week with different types of relish kapenta, chicken, beans, eggs, soya chalks among others.’


Brother Innocent continues, ‘Most children, especially those with disabilities, keep asking their parents on Saturdays and Sundays why they are not going to school, as they are assured of having a meal.  Thanks to HHZ and its donors for coming on board to helping children who most of them couldn’t afford three meals a day.’

You can read the actual letter here.

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