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Advent – Patient contentment

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him.”

In the middle of recent ferocious winds and storm, as promised, my son Andrew turned up on time to take me to see my granddaughter’s new house. I settled into his car, sat back, relaxed and in complete confidence I left everything to him. I knew he knew where he was going; from experience I knew he was a good driver, after all he drives Cardiff busses as part of his job; without thinking about it I was aware that he loved me and would do everything to keep me safe and well. We had a great afternoon.

I have been reflecting on this and wondering if my confidence in God is as good? Yes I say it is and am waiting for His return to this earth as he said He was going to do, but the main difference is that I knew when Andrew was coming and he came as he always has done, but I don’t know when God is coming. Yes I can see promised signs but I also know that for generations people have seen promised signs and yet we still await His coming, but I ask myself, ‘am I waiting with the same expectation and confidence’?


God of answered prayer and of kept promises, please take from us any qualms or doubts that You are indeed coming again. Help us to watch and pray with patience in complete confidence and trust. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen

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