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Another letter from India

Lockdown has hit many people in India very hard. Help intended for the most needy often does not get to them. So for several months now we have been sending money to Pastor Samuel to buy food for the most needy people in his church. One such recipient is Rajamma. Pastor Samuel takes up the story:

Hello Dear Uncle Edmund,
Hope you are doing well and safe there.
Nothing special from us. But, a small testimony for the glory of God.
Rajamma is an aged woman in my Church. She is 84 years now. Living alone in a small house of one room. She has some physical weakness but strong faith in God. We (HHI)provide food bag once in every month. She is so happy of it and thankful to God. That is the only provision for her.

Come to the point:Today, I just phoned her asked ,
Ammachi (grandmother), how are you doing?
She replied few things and very happily she said,
Pastor I am happy,
“I am filled with the good things of your house, of your holy temple”.She was quating Psalm 65.4.
What actually she meant was that She is blessed by the monthly food provision of HHI in our Church.
She thaks GOD for the food, given by you ,to her.
It brings me a lot and I Thank God for the food distribution of HHI in our Church. It is really a blessing for us.

This is one testimony but there are many in connected with it.
We all are thankful to you for providing food for us in this difficult situation.
May God bless all the activities in HHI.

We Thank God for bringing you into our hearts and in our prayers. Amen
Remain blessed

Each food parcel costs between £5 and £10. There are many other Rajammas who we would like to help. Can you help us to help them? If so, please click here.

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