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Asha Kiran Ashram

HHI set up Asha Kiran Ashram about 10 years ago as a centre for helping disabled children in Tamil Nadu, India. The latest Tidings tells the story of two children, but there are many others whose lives have been transformed by the centre. One such is Ameerkhan. Pastor Santhosh, the director, takes up the story:

Ameerkhan joined in our ASHA KIRAN ASHRAM School on 13th March 2013. He is having a Disability of Cerebral Palsy. He got a lot of developments in his studies after coming to ASHA KIRAN ASHRAM. He got developments in Reading, Writing, Time, Money, and Number Concepts. He learned to write the names of his Mother and Father. He can correctly tell the time by watching Clock and wrist Watch.

He got Vocational trainings like making Jewels with beads, Phenol making and also Poultry Training. Now he is able to start his own Poultry with 10 Chicks and also he is rearing 2 Goats too. If we can help him to develop little more, it will be help for him to sustain his Family. We are indebted to HEALTH HELP INTERNATIONAL for the Rehabilitation of Ameerkhan so far.

A youngster with Cerebral Palsy supporting his family? Now, that is an achievement!

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