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Behind the scenes

Communication is the key
Not everyone is able to attend an HHI Supporters’ Evening. Because of this, they will miss the opportunity to be updated first-hand about the developments, progress, concerns, and celebrations- indeed, all there is to know – about the work of HHI at home and abroad. However, all is not lost. A regular look at our website or Facebook page, or a read through Tidings will provide an overview of what’s happening at home and abroad.
However, what happens behind the scenes is really worth sharing. At HHI, a new enthusiasm has been simmering away for some time as evidenced in the dialogue between committee members in the WhatsApp group or on email. Responses to issues or questions raised ‘ping’ in quick succession and always end with a positive solution.
During the setting up period of the new website, it was a real pleasure to track the conversations between our three main ‘techies’ Tim, John, and Edmund. Purpose and determination were in the air – and even if we couldn’t understand computer jargon, it didn’t matter – we sensed the vibe!
But it was when preparations were underway for the Supporters’ Evening at Nant Coch Church that enthusiasm was elevated to a new and exciting level. Communication was buzzing! To a man, the committee was in the ‘I can, I will and consider it done’ mode!
And, as fresh ideas are always welcome, mention must be made of the superb Nant Coch catering team, not only for their hard work providing the delicious eats, but for their ideas as to how improvements can be made for serving refreshments next time. Amazing!
Sometimes it’s just good to look in from the outside…to share in the joy… safe in the knowledge that HHI and all those connected to this amazing force for good are truly blessed by the Lord!
We live in the solution!
In the words of Edmund on a recent email to our group,
‘Prayers are being answered – so keep them up!’

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