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Castleton Baptist Ladies Fellowship

What a welcome!  We were very grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with our friends at Castleton Baptist Church and share the latest HHI news using the amazing BPFC films.

This visit we concentrated on developments in Zambia explaining how, because of the ongoing kindness of our supporters, our Grant scheme grew out of our Covid initiative, how our feeding programme has become a sustainable agricultural and entrepreneurial project and how we have moved from a kitchen and dining room project to the challenge of building a new dormitory at Choongo school.

We are grateful for their donation towards the work of HHI, the many craft purchases that were bought and the assurance of their prayers for the work of HHI. We look forward to visiting them again in the near future to update them about the work we undertake in India!

Thank you Castleton.

Castleton Baptist

Castleton Baptist

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