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On the shores of the Neyyar Dam

That was a mistake. Rajesh has repaired the meter on his autorickshaw. Prices have dropped substantially as a result. I have spent today in the area around the Neyyar Dam with Pastor Wilson, seeing some of he people that we…

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Going back in time

The main street of Ambassadurum has no pavement so walking involves jumping out of the way of busses and kamikaze cyclists. Cows are curled up going to sleep in all sorts of unlikely places. Tamil Nadu is a step back…

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City life

Today was spent in and around the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapurum - or Trivandrum if you prefer. Less contact with needy people, but catching up with some important business. First visit was to Shanti Bhavan, a home for destitute…

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Hope for the hopeless

On my first visit to India, I quickly realised that there are only three rules of the road out here: 1. Any vehicle overtaking takes priority over any vehicle being driven sensibly 2. Bigger vehicles have priority over smaller vehicles…

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Where have you been today?

So now you know. We were out all day, and we covered the grand total of 37.14 miles. Mostly at 15mph, often down to less than walking speed as we negotiated elephant-sized potholes, and a top speed of 30mph. Once…

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Pupils being taught in new building

Muumba: Wonderful Results

Muumba School has certainly come a long way. Our publication, “God’s Special Children” A Story of Four Schools, gave a chronological outline of how HHI supporters have made a huge difference to the lives of many children in the Monze…

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Happy New Year!

As we come to the end of another year, we at HHI would like to say a heart-felt “thank you” to you all on behalf of our partners in India and Zambia and all the people that you have helped…

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Advent – Zambia

‘Lord give us your spirit, your Spirit that is love, Lord, fill us with your life, freely given for the world. Where children cry, let us wipe their tears away, And where children fall, let us raise them to their…

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Advent – kindness

Love is patient and kind (1 Corinthians chapter 13 verse 4) Ian Gow writes from Scotland: I have been amazed this last year that when lives in this country have been restricted, reduced and affected by Covid, many supporters have…

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