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This is a story of a ‘God-Incidence’ and ‘It’s a Small World’.

In the over-crowded departure lounge for the Eurostar, thankfully we found seats to await our boarding time. Striking up a conversation with the lady next to us, we swapped details of our hometowns. Before we could explain where we lived in relation to Glasgow, she smiled and said ‘I know where Strathaven is! I support a charity, started near me in Newport and they are also supported by a group from Strathaven.’

We had just been learning about HHI through our Church and here we were, 400 miles from home, sitting beside a fellow supporter from Wales. We were amazed by the connection! Our world is full of such connections as the Lord puts us in the right place at the right time. This meeting confirmed our growing feeling that we should support HHI.  And HHI connects us across continents, to partner with others to show God’s love to communities in Zambia and India.

Irene and Melville

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